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50 Creative Date Ideas That Are Actually Fun

Get lost with your date at this whimsical spot. Make a day trip out of it: The rest of the park is worthy of an exploration as well. Missing the Onsen back in Japan?

1. Racy’s/The Nucleus and a Walk to Putnam Rock

The next time you want to impress your date, avoid an izayaka or some overpriced hotel restaurant. Instead try out one of these five dating spots. Head to a new spot or a famous place you've been dying to try, and It's the perfect intro to part two of your date: a picnic in the park (keep.

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Dating Spots in Osaka No.1 Abeno Harukas and Tenshiba

Eau Claire is this magical indie city that has an exploratory effect. You can even do this in your backyard. OFC regularly holds workshops, farming events and recreational activities for adults and children alike. If you went to a movie, rent the same movie. Spend an evening looking for photobooths, and taking fun photos together. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost four years.

Paddling down the scenic Amazon River and exploring the diverse ecosystem of its surrounding jungle might seem like a dream, but your bank account might disagree. Follow an experienced guide as you navigate through the tranquil mangroves and see if you and your partner can spot some cool wildlife such as kingfishers, hornbills and even otters!

A post shared by Weihan hanyoweihan on Aug 25, at 9: Thinking of booking a hotel for a staycay with your partner? But the experience is no less exciting. Learn all about plane controls and get a feel of how to fly a plane at this flight school. Bucket list — checked. Let me just make a couple points clear before getting into the actual content. This blog is not about places to take someone to get in their pants. This is about suggestions for couples who want to do something romantic and special for their partner. The more you care about the other person, the better each of these locations become.

Sick Of Movie Dates? Try These 10 Unusual Yet Fun Places

Well, maybe that is just my personal opinion. The next point is that…once again, this is all just my personal opinion. If, for some reason, what I suggest here sucks, then maybe I have bad taste. For yen each, you and your partner can take the meter trip to the top of Abeno Harukas in Tennoji.

2. Mona Lisa’s

Here you can look out over the city lights that spread out in all directions. A glass-walled observation deck allows a degree view. One floor under the observation deck is a large outdoor space with many trees and benches to sit down and rest.

There is also a cafe inside that, if you are lucky enough to get a seat, offers a beautiful and relaxing view of the city below. Abeno Harukas offers a special couple plan which includes entrance tickets, a special memorial picture, and a fancy dinner of appetizers, pasta, a main dish, desert, and a glass of sparkling wine.

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I personally would go to eat in Tenshiba instead. Tenshiba is a grassy park located between Tennoji Station and Tennoji Zoo.

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It is a walking distance from Harukas you can actually get there through the underground walkways without going outside once. You can find a nice variety of fancy and reasonably priced restaurants, some of which have outdoor seats depending on the season. Here you can enjoy your meal and a good glass of wine while looking at Harukas from a ground level. If I were to plan a date night in Osaka, I would go to Tenshiba and have a relaxing dinner and a few beers, then head to the top of Abeno Harukas to sit down and take in the spectacular view.

This park is on a 1. At the park there is beautiful green grass that you can actually sit down and relax on, and based on the season, you can also see a beautiful rose garden or cherry blossoms. The amount of people here also changes with the seasons, but if you are lucky, you can go and enjoy the beautiful flowers and trees with little to no interruption from others.

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Here you can also get a stunning night view of the towering skyscrapers of Osaka. Some of the most historic buildings of the city are also in this area, such as the Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library and the Osaka Central Public Hall.

Nakanoshima and the surrounding area of Kitahama and Yodoyabashi offer a wonderful selection of restaurants and bars to complete your perfect date night. This Italian restaurant has tall windows lining the walls, offering a perfect view of the European style walkways winding through the park.

5 Romantic Dating Spots in Osaka to Take Your Significant Other

A glass of wine from their abundant selection is a superb way to end a good night. There are many other good restaurants as well, so I advise you to look up more about the area. If you really want to do things right, I recommend going to check out the area beforehand by yourself too. A delicious dinner and a nice drink followed by a peaceful walk through the park is a wonderful way to spend a romantic date night in Osaka.

50 Creative Date Ideas That Are Actually Fun

Another nice river spot happens to be in Namba. This might come as a surprise to those of you who know the area; the large, unsanitary ditch that flows through Dotonbori is by no means romantic.

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  • Dating Spots in Osaka No. 2 Nakanoshima Park.
  • 50 Creative Date Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of | StyleCaster!

There are three that I recommend: It has a fancy interior, but I personally recommend a seat outside on the terrace. Here it is not too bright and not too crowded: The lighting is dim and very romantic. There are candles on the table.

Large comfortable sofas facing the river offer a comfortable place to relax with your partner next to you. The prices can be a little more on the expensive side, so if you want to save money and still not look to stingy , I suggest eating dinner on the first floor before coming up to have a drink at BLEU.

Located on the entrance level for Namba Hatch, the terrace overlooks the river from above. It offers a wonderful view of the river and the fancy bridge crossing it a little bit further downstream. The dating spot here is on the fourth and top floor.